Aliança Brasileira de Advocacia Empresarial

About us

Present in all Brazilian regions and major cities and responding for the interests of over 1,500 companies in different sectors of the economy, Albrae– The Brazilian Corporate Law Alliance, brings together more than twenty law firms with close to 300 professionals.

Our potential

National presence with local expertise, Albrae´s law firms offer under one single roof the undeniable benefits of a local law firm with its regional experience combined with the convenience and security of our national coverage. The affiliated firms retain their individuality and add up all their potential in order to best serve the interests of each client in a synergistic fashion.

Our advantages

Personal and customized services given by the partners of each law firm affiliated to ALBRAE, allowing the customer to enjoy a personalized attention. In summary, we know and we do care for your business

A very convenient client service

The Customer works with one single law firm; which in a convergent way is responsible for the overall management of all its interests in any location and legal specialty. In other words, our customer service is very convenient, and the customer is spared the burden of having to deal with different law firms.

In short, your company will have numerous benefits, among which the following stand out:

- Legal support in key business centers in the country;
- Coordinated and nationally integrated action;
- Experience in various areas of business law;
- Customized customer service, offered by partners;
- Advocacy fully adapted to local peculiarities;
- Synergy and constant exchange of experiences and technology among the members of ALBRAE;
- Rationalization of costs and streamlined acquisition of knowledge;
- Unified customer service interface, simplifying and optimizing the interaction with the customer and their time.

How do we work

The law firms affiliated to ALBRAE work in an integrated manner, offering advisory and litigation services in various areas of corporate and business law, including:
The legal expertise of the lawyers working for the affiliated law firms is regularly put into practice in the different sectors of the Brazilian market, especially: